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_130803__yuri_picspam_by_lovefany96-d6gey4hAm I Falling in Love Again?

Beautiul YouBeautiful You

Because bubble teaBecause Bubble Tea


Between Egoisme

bogoshipheo-copyBogoShipeoh Dream concert 2013

goodbyesummerGoodbye, Summer


Heaven In My Heart


He Is Not A Boy – Sequel Noona no.1

i-got-u-girlI Got you, Girl ( Sequel Try To get You )


Its Hurt

i-will-protect-herI Will Protect Her, Hyung

just-friend-by-lee-midahJust Friend

Special Luhan birthdayLeap Love ( Spesial Luhan Birthday 2014)



noona-no-1-copyNoona no.1

Not Just RumorNOT just Rumor

No Nerd girl

Not Nerd Girl!

perfect live-Special Ulang tahun BaekhyungPerfect Life! ( Baekhyun Birthday2014)

Not Sweet As This cakeNot Sweet This Chake


Several Years

Sehun birthdaySpesial Sehun Birthday 2014 –  Sequel Because Bubble Tea

That girl stole my heartThat Girl!


The Police and The Designer

timeboilsrain-kwonheirinTime Boils Rain ( Sequel Heaven In My Heart)

Train Fortune By Lee MidahTrain Fortune

9To Angel

try-to-get-you-copyTry To Get You!

Yuri love

[ Sequel that girl ] Yuri Love



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